Guest post database comparison

We’ve got a triple showdown here – three gents vying for the same customers. Let’s take a look at who’s going to offer you the most bang for your buck.

But before we start sizing up Authority Builders, NOBS Marketplace, and SERPTrust, I’ve got a few thoughts to share.

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So here’s the lowdown.

Those other four businesses, they’re not playing the same game we are. To be frank, they’re kinda weak in the transparency department, mainly because they want to keep all the power.

Yeah, they decide everything for you – and honestly, in my book, that’s just about the worst deal you can get.

But with us, and guys like ABC and NOBS, you’re the boss. You can pluck your pick from our lineup, that way you don’t stumble onto any nasty shocks like with those other names in the game.

You’re the one calling the shots

Alright, so here’s the thing. When you’re the one in control, if anything goes awry, there’s only one person to point fingers at – yup, it’s you.

But that doesn’t let the vendors off the hook. It’s their job to set you up with decent deals. That’s super important, especially for those of you who are new to link buying.

Now, talking about NOBS Marketplace, they’re not exactly acing it. Here’s why:

  • Quality control? They don’t seem to have heard of it. They kind of just chuck metrics at it and hope for the best.
  • They boast a massive database of more than 5,000 sites, but guess what? We’ve had to kick to the curb over 80% of all their deals.
  • Plus, they don’t have any exclusive rights. No one does, really. So, their figures are as true as can be.
  • They advertise a flat fee, but when we put our prices next to theirs, it’s obvious they’re overpaying the site owners in sooo many cases – over 85% to be exact.

How did we figure out that NOBS is overpaying?

Simple – we took a gander at their prices and subtracted the $70 fee they claim to collect.

We ran our entire database side by side with theirs, did our Excel magic, and bam! It was clear as day that they were splashing out on the site owners far too often – 85% of the time, to be precise. In roughly 10% of cases, we ended up paying the site owners the same amount, and only a mere 5% of the time did they pay less.

In plain speak, they’re a big fish in the pond but it doesn’t seem like they give two hoots about anything.

It’s almost as if they add site owners to their database willy-nilly without any negotiation about prices.

I mean, let’s be real here. I’ve got to stress this again – there’s no such thing as a database with 5,000+ quality sites.

If that was a thing, you can bet your bottom dollar that our database wouldn’t be a shy 900 sites; we’d be boasting a mighty 5,000 ourselves, seeing as we’re constantly on the hustle.

Just so we didn’t leave any stones unturned, we even struck a deal with SerpStat. They agreed to sell us their whopping big database of over 1.13 million English sites – all with 500+ traffic. We shot our shot with every single one of them. That’s the mammoth scale we’re operating at, just to give you an idea.

You see, over at NOBS, metrics are pretty much all they’ve got. They don’t sprinkle in any quality details.

Now us, at SERPTrust, we do things a bit differently. We provide you with the rundown of a site’s traffic history. If NOBS even dared to add these charts to their listing, people would do a double take before hitting the ‘buy’ button – it would be a total train wreck.

But wait, there’s more! We even sort sites based on where their traffic is coming from. Now, if a site’s getting most of its hits from places like Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or other less developed countries, we swipe left – it doesn’t make the cut for our database.

And trust me, I haven’t seen anyone else giving you the heads-up about this stuff.

Alrighty, let’s talk about Authority Builders.

So, there’s this main product from a pretty well-known internet marketer, Matt Diggity (and yes, I know that’s not his real name… but gotta admit, it does have quite the ring to it!).

Even though I don’t have a backdoor peek at their database, I can tell it houses no more than about 2,000 sites. This is based on some scoop from a while back when they still revealed the number of sites they offered links on.

I reckon it was somewhere close to 1,500 English websites a year or two ago.

Around that time, we were courting guest posts on about 1,200 English sites.

But wait up, they also sling guest posts onto foreign sites, which is how I’ve totted up about 2,000 sites in total.

Now, this tells us a whole lot about the gobbledygook NOBS is peddling with their 5,000 plus sites. Because let’s face it, Authority Builders is no small potatoes in the market.

They’ve got a sizeable crew which makes for a heftier database compared to ours.

Not a bad word about ABC?

When it comes to the quality of the game, they’re playing on the same turf as us, so there’s really no issue there.

But oh boy, when we start talking about their prices…

Every single site has its own price tag. Now, there was a time a few moons ago when we could sneak a peek at their database (even though the sites were kinda camouflaged with asterisks – you know, like we use to hide our gems from non-buyers). Turns out, their prices were on average a mind-blowing 250% higher than ours!

No joke, I’m serious – 250% more.

That pretty much sticks them in the same financial league as Loganix, which topped our chart as the priciest option in our previous comparison.

Now, you might hear folks preaching, ‘quality costs’, but let’s not forget – we serve links on the exact same sites because there’s nothing like exclusivity in the guest posting world.

Skeptical? No sweat. Create an account with Authority Builders and ask them to whip up a catalogue of sites in your niche.

Shoot me an email with that list and I’ll give you the straight dope on what they’d cost you on our platform.

Summing it up

So in the quality face-off, Authority Builders and SERPTrust are holding the victory flag.

When it comes to price, it’s a split win for NOBS Marketplace and SERPTrust. But hey, we still beat their prices 85% of the time.

No shocker then, SERPTrust takes home the gold for mixing the best quality with the best price.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up here:, and we’ll toss in a sweet $25 as a welcome bonus to your balance.

Now, we don’t just stop at offering guest posts. We also supply niche edits/link insertions into older posts at a killer price cut.

Also, to supercharge your guest posts, we’ve got tier-2 posts on the menu as an upsell for a steal – at just $15 a pop (and that includes content).

Truly, it’s as good as it gets.

Can’t wait to catch you on the inside!