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What is a link insertion?

Others call it niche edits or curated backlinks but simply said it's a link inserted into an already published aged post.

We've built an extensive database of high-quality websites and the benefit of link insertions is that they usually more affordable than guest posts.

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Our process:


You pick a relevant website from our database.


Tell us where you want us to insert your link.


We contact the site owner to place your link.


We notifiy you when your link is live, this only takes a few days.

Why us?

We’ve been around for a long time and we are obsessed when it comes to quality.


The higher quality your
link source, the more
effective it is.


We’ve been around for
over ten years now,
few can say that.


Top lead generators
affiliate marketers,
and agencies hire us.


Most competitive pricing
in this industry without
jeopardizing quality.

Modern Dashboard

Besides offering the best in prices we also offer a slick user experience with our modern dashboard to keep track of your orders.

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A selection of 850+ manually selected websites that we negotiated deals with for you to choose from.

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You can select from 400+ websites that allow you to insert a link into an existing post.

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A quick and easy way to get an overview of all your orders (in process and delivered).

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