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What’s a Guest Post…?

A guest post is a blog post on someone else’s website.

They invite you as if you were a guest to publish an article on their blog.

There is ony one massive difference the way we do it:

    • Publication under the site owners name.
    • The post won’t carry a sponsored tag.
    • Your article won’t be tagged as a guest post.

This shows Google that it’s a naturally acquired backlink .

Why SerpTrust?

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I've been working with Dennis for the last two years and I'm quite happy with his links and his attitude.

I was impressed how he handled a few problems - one time I had indexing issues with few links and once I had my article deleted - Dennis immediately refunded me, he also offered alternatives. Its nice to have a person with integrity in the midst of thе SEO swamp.
Tsvetan Vuchkov
One if not the most affordable guest post vendor out there.

Provides indication of whether "write for us" footprints or similar exist.

Amazing personal customer service as well. Thanks, Dennis!

Constantin Oesterling
I'm in seo 7+ years. I tried MANY outreach link services from the well known to the lesser known.

Dennis Hamming offers THE best service in terms of quality, price and customer service.

Before i even bought anything from him. He took his time to answer all of my questions. Highly recommended!
Max Pan