About Us

SERPTrust is a performance-driven SEO agency founded by Dennis Hamming.

We’ve been in business for 12 years and served over a thousand customers by now.

Our core focus is link building through outreach.

We have built a large database of quality sites and we offer custom outreach services.

At present we are most active on Facebook with our page, group and personal profile.

We’d love for you to join us: https://facebook.com/groups/serptrust

Our dashboard

In the past we used to reveal our deals to anyone that registered, and that got us some heat by certain online guru’s, one of them is listed in our featured & mentions section 😉

Registration is a manual process these days and to get started it’s best to reach out to us on Messenger or by sending us an email to support@serptrust.io.

Our main driver is to be as transparent as possible so once you have access to our renewed database it will be for life and you’ll be able to view our entire inventory of sites (1200+ sites and counting).

Why only 1,200 sites?

There is no unlimited number of quality sites that are suitable for resale purposes (see our custom outreach service if you need more).

When you apply the quality standards we do, the database will always hover in-between 1,200-1,500 websites.

Sites with healthy traffic charts, that rank for meaningful keywords, and sites with spam-free backlink profiles aren’t in abundance like some link vendors make you believe when they advertise their inventory of 10,000+ sites.

We know better than that, and you should too.

Our site filter options are second to none, our database is 100% clear of spam, there are indicators when a site links out to casino sites, we indicate where the traffic originates from, and we’ve categorized the websites based on the keywords they rank for.

To top it all off, you don’t even need to leave our site to do your own research, all the information you need is right in front of you on the database overview page.

As seen on:

That having been said, we’ve been recommended/discussed and featured on a number of sites, so please do your own research.

Keep in mind that some of the information is rather dated, we’ve gone a long way to get where we are now, so we’ve sorted the below list in order of importance: