Payment Structure

Open content orders

When you accept an open order the price that you see on our job list is what you will receive.

Direct content orders

If someone places a direct order with you we deduct 20% of the total price, keep this in mind when discussing prices with clients. If you agree for a total amount of $20 for an article you will receive $16.

Payment schedule

Every Thursday we send out payments through Paypal.

Levels & rates

At our platform we offer four different quality levels, the below rates are what you earn per one hundred words:

  • 2-star: $1.28/100 words
  • 3-star: $1.60/100 words
  • 4-star: $3.20/100 words
  • 5-star: $6.40/100 words

Everyone starts at level two after you’ve written five articles at that level you can request an evaluation of your work to be promoted to level three.

To reach level four we require you to write 20 articles at level three first, this to avoid people abusing our system, which is unfortunately quite common, I understand this can be frustrating for experienced writers that already earned their stripes elsewhere but you have to understand it from our side as well.

Reaching level five is a little more complicated after you’ve written forty articles at level four we will evaluate your work, and look at the customer reviews you received. If everything looks excellent we will promote you to level five.

Shortcut to level three or four

If you are an experienced writer we can fast track you to level three or in rare cases instantly to level four.

To instantly reach level three we need you to write an article for us, this is an unpaid assignment of 250 words, or send us a link to your blog and email us from an email address associated with that blog so that we can verify that you are the legitimate owner.

For level four we require a little more than that, in this case, we only approve writers that have content published on major publications with an author byline. If you have your own blog that you can prove ownership of we are also prepared to move you up right away, considering the quality of writing reflects our level four standards. Eg the content must be engaging, creative, and free of spelling and grammar issues.