Keyword Research Service

One-Off Keyword Research Service

To cut straight to the chase, based on this post that I wrote last week there seems to be quite some demand for a keyword research that follows the steps explained in that guide.

What is so unique about this keyword research service?

Instead of simply heading over to Ahrefs, KWFinder, LongtailPro or any of the other keyword research tools out there we do things entirely different.

The complete process is explained in the post I just linked to but in short it goes like:

  • We take the root keyword of your niche (in my example that was CBD oil).
  • We scrape the first 30 results in Google for that particular keyword.
  • Run the 30 sites through Ahrefs batch analysis tool to identify the weakest sites ranking for it.
  • We reverse engineer the weakest site to find less competitive keywords.
  • Step 2 gets repeated, eg based on the new keyword we found we scrape the first 30 results again.
  • And once again we run those 30 sites through Ahrefs batch analysis to identify the most relevant and weakest sites.
  • Here the real keyword research starts, we look what they rank for and create a custom list for you.

Why does this work so well?

Simply because those sites are weak in terms of DR (domain rating), and have few sites linking to them.

So instead of blindly relying a on a third-party tool we grab the data directly from Google (with a little help of Ahrefs to generate the actual lists) and the logic is that if such weak sites can rank for those keywords, you can too.

Custom keyword research for a one-time fee

You provide me with a niche of your choice and I will send you a list of easy to rank keywords using the same process as explained above.

The price of this service is only $37 and it will be custom tailored for your niche only.

Good to know:

After you complete your payment you will be either redirected to our payment successful page (for the subscription service) or in case you order the one-time service you will be redirected to our order form where we ask you for your (sub) niche and your Paypal transaction.

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask them in our Facebook group or email me at

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