Guest Post Vendor Comparison – Authority Builders vs Get Me Links vs SerpTrust vs RhinoRank vs SERPChampion

The Ultimate Guest Post Vendor Comparison


Authority Builders Co – Matt Diggity.

Get Me Links – Gary Wilson.

SerpTrust – Dennis Hamming.

RhinoRank – Matthew.

SerpChampion – Patrick Babakhanian.

Guest Post Seller Comparison

Explanation of factors:

  • Price – 1-star is most expensive, 5-stars is most affordable.
  • Reliability – we haven’t heard any rumors of vendors not providing links that were paid for, other than that we looked at reviews to determine our ratings.
  • Value for Money – Authority Builders ranks worst here due to their high-priced links, the same types that others sell for much less while SerpTrust beats the crown.
  • Delivery Time – most vendors deliver in 3-5 weeks, there could be occasional exceptions but they are quite rare.
  • Metrics provided – GetMeLinks, RhinoRank and SERPChampion only provide the DR/DA of the site and some mention traffic, AB and SerpTrust provide a large range of metrics.
  • Transparency – SerpTrust is the only one that reveals the URL of the sites before purchase, SERPChampion provides the URL after purchase, with the rest it’s a gamble.
  • Footprints – Authority Builders claims their inventory is footprint free, SerpTrust has a button to filters out any sites that have footprints like “write for us / submit guest post”.
  • Freshness – SerpTrust updates their database every two months while Authority Builders updates it once or twice a month, no information on the others.

Overall Conclusion:

It becomes rather clear there are two types of vendors, the first are Authority Builders and SerpTrust who provide a plethora of metrics as you can choose sites from their databases while the other vendors only provide DR or DA, sometimes traffic and price.

We don’t have reason to believe any of the vendors would take a run with your money and the delivery time is quite similar across the board.

We are the only vendor that provides the actual URL of the site your guest post is for, loads of metrics and we definitely beat the pack when it comes to the price.

The simple reason being that we apply at a flat rate, regardless of a guest post costing us $20 or $200.

All you have to do to see the actual sites is register here, visit our database and click on the View Site button as you can see below.

You’ll be the judgeof what you buy!