Custom Outreach Service – Guest Posts, Insertions, Skyscraper, Infographics

Custom Outreach Service – You Decide

We are now offering a custom outreach service where you decide what type of outreach you want, for example:

  • Guest post outreach
  • Infographic outreach
  • Skyscraper outreach
  • Customized outreach

It doesn’t really matter what type of links you want to attact, we can handle it for you.

Campaigns start at only $300 and typically that includes 1000 high-quality prospects that we reach out to.

A brief explanation of our outreach process:

We start by creating a list of keywords that are relevant to the niche you are in and based on that we search for prospects in Google, after all Google is the #1 search engine so it would be stupid not to utilize them to find prospects.

Depending on your niche we will reverse engineer your competitors to find more quality prospects and increase the chance of landing links. If they link to your competitor why wouldn’t they link to you.

The next step is sorting the prospects based on filters like Majestic Trust Flow, Ahrefs DR, RD and of course at least 1000 organic search traffic where possible.

Now that we have a proper list of websites we’ll find their email addresses using a mix of tools like, FindThatLead, and Ninja Outreach. Where the tools aren’t able to find an email address we will visit the site manually to either find it that way or we’ll fill out their contact page for maximum reach.

Before we start emailing our prospects we filter the list through tools like NeverBounce and/or ClearOut to maximize the deliverabiltiy of our emails. Once again, the sites with invalid emails will be revisited manually and/or we use another tool to find their email, hence the three different tools as each come with their own unique set of data.

When everything is ready to go we start your email campaign which includes 2 follow-up emails.

Every (paid) link opportunity will be forwarded for you to review and that sums it up pretty much.

Now let’s look at the differerent types of outreach:

Guest Post Outreach

We will compliment them for their efforts on the site and offer them free content.

If we receive no response we follow-up asking if they received our email and in the 2nd follow-up we can make them a monetary offer (that is if you agree with that).

The aim is sites with at least 1000 organic visitors per month (as measured by Ahrefs), TF10+, DR10+, and 100+ referring domains.

The cost of this campaign is $300, any additional costs include the price of the content (eg the guest post itself), we charge $25/guest post (750 words) but you can also supply the content/guest post yourself if you wish.

Some websites will ask for money to publish a guest post, often under the excuse of editorial costs, we forward those deals so you can decide to pursue it or not.

Expected results: On average 5 free guest posts and 5-10 paid offers.

Infographic Outreach

Either you create an infographic or we can create one for you at an additonal price.

The basic campaign of finding 1000 prospects is once again priced at $300 (cost of infographic not included).

Finding 1000 relevant prospects with 1000+ organic traffic heavily depends on how specific the infographic is, the more narrow the less prospects with such visitor count can be found so in such case we’ll have to lower it to 500 or in some cases even 250 visitors/month.

The general rule is the more specific you go the less relevant the prospects will become as we still aim to find 1000 prospects.

In our first email we simply offer them an infographic, in the follow up we remind them, and in the 2nd follow-up we will offer them to write a story around the infographic (this is especially useful for less relevant prospects and maximizes results).

Usually they publish the infographic in an existing post with at the bottom of the graphic a line of text like source:

If they take us up on the offer to write a story around it it automatically turns into a guest post and we can link to any page on your site, there will obviously be extra costs involved if we have to write an article at the cost of $25/750 words or you can supply the content yourself.

Expected results: On average 10 infographic source links, 5 free guest posts + infographic and 5-10 paid offers.

Skyscraper Outreach

With skyscraper outreach it heavily depends on the quality of your page that you want our prospects to link too.

While the quality of your prospects rely on how specific your skyscraper post is.

The basic costs of a skyscraper campaign is $300, however if you have multiple skyscraper articles we charge $50 per extra skyscraper so in case you have 3 skyscraper articles the total costs are $400.

We always send a reminder and during the 2nd follow-up we can offer them a guest post or an infographic instead (whichever you desire), at an extra cost of $25/750 words article or you can supply the content yourself.

Expected results:┬áResults vary widely so it’s impossible to give an estimate, the quality of your site overall and the quality of the skyscraper article(s) are the deciding factors here. For that reason we recommend to offer them a guest post during the 2nd follow-up so that you will never leave empty handed.

Customized Outreach

This can be literally anything, perhaps you want us to set up a campaign to find people that are willing to sell their website or perhaps you want us to target resource / link partner type of pages.

We don’t have any fixed prices or number of prospects for this but feel free to get in touch to discuss.

You can either reach me by email at or you can contact me on Facebook to have a chat about it.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!