Using the Power of Blockchain to Make Freelancing Productive

September 1, 2018 Dennis 0 Comments

Back in 2014, the Ethereum Blockchain technology came into being, and since then, it has opened up a world of possibilities not only for investors but the global economy as well.

As more and more people get versed with the Blockchain and its amazing potential, we are seeing more and more opportunities coming up in every industry. This technology was previously hidden away from the common man, but as we speak, it is now available to the whole world.

One of the major industries that has taken up the blockchain technology, and which is most likely to benefit a lot from it is the freelance economy.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency

The need for a decentralized currency gave rise to the cryptocurrency, also called digital money. In this model, the economy is decentralized, only monitored by a well-established peer-to-peer protocol.

You might be wondering why the dawn of cryptocurrency has made freelancers as well as clients excited, here are the top reasons why.

  1. It Reduces Fraud

Once you transfer a token or any other cryptocurrency, it cannot be reversed by the sender or counterfeited. This isn’t the case with PayPal and credit card transfers.

  1. Lower Fees

When it comes to cryptocurrency, the middleman is eliminated due to the decentralization, which means you don’t have to pay anything for the middleman. There are also fewer transaction fees, making it more valuable to the freelancer.

  1. Global Recognition

Cryptocurrency is not bound by any rules or exchange rates of any particular country or company. The currency has been designed to be used on an international level without any barriers, which makes it the best option for the increasingly global economy.

With these benefits, you realize that you are better off using cryptocurrency in your transactions on the freelancing platform. Let us look at one of the platforms that have integrated the Ethereum Blockchain into its operations.

Content Hourlies Brings You the Content Hourlies Work (CHW) Token

One of the platforms that have taken the step to integrate the Blockchain technology in its payment operations is Content Hourlies. This is an established gig platform that connects clients to freelancers, allowing clients to get experienced workers to handle their tasks while giving the freelancer a chance to earn income handling tasks.

It is a fully featured platform that offers peer-to-peer services including listing management, job posting panel, detailed pricing, alerts, 2-way messaging and more.

Content Hourlies has come up with a token that rides on the Ethereum Blockchain and comes with a wallet. The client can load the wallet with the tokens, and decide to store the coins or to use the coins to pay for orders. Freelancers earn CHW in exchange for the services they provide.

There is no need for the freelancer or client to worry about price fluctuations because the CHW token system uses escrow to protect both parties from the volatility that comes with cryptocurrency. What this means is that even if the value of the CHW token changes while the contract is in place, the freelancer will still receive the amount that was agreed upon at the start of the contract. This is a guarantee to the freelancer that he receives a fair price for his work, and the client is sure he won’t be overcharged at all.

How Content Hourlies Changes the Freelancing Market

When it comes to hiring of freelancers, major websites have worked hard and spent millions to be the perfect platforms, but many fall short.

The main issue is that these websites act as middlemen, and take a huge commission from the freelancers to allow them get clients on their platform. This is not what happens on Content Hourlies. Here, the platform is effective for those freelancers that wish to bypass the huge commissions that are associated with freelancing.

There is no doubt though that cryptocurrencies haven’t been adopted so much yet – they are still a few skeptics out there. However, they could soon be mainstreamed faster than many people have imagined.

A platform such as Content Hourlies is exactly what the world needs to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Final Thoughts

The world of cryptocurrencies is growing, and with sites such as Content Hourlies that integrate the Blockchain technology into their operations, we shall soon see the adoption of cryptocurrency the world over.