Someone Else Can Sell Your Product Better Than You Can!

Someone Else Can Sell Your Product Better Than You Can!
June 8, 2017 Dennis 0 Comments

So you spent countless hours working on your product. You finished it and it’s exactly what you’ve always imagined. It’s finally ready to be introduced to the public. You want it to be marketed flawlessly and to be a huge success.

In order to do this you need to back away and let someone else sell it for you.

I know, it sounds hard. Who could possibly do it better than you?

This was your baby, it’s your future, but trust me….an outsider will be able to help you sell it far better than you could yourself and I’ll tell you why.

Because you know it’s perfect

Now that your product is ready to go on the market, you’re convinced it’s going to be the next big thing; it’s EXACTLY what people need and want right now. In your mind, there’s no possible way for it to get better, of course, because if it could you would have done it.

Imagine someone who hasn’t spent time with this gem of yours, a person who hasn’t invested their time or money. This person has the ability to objectively critique what you’ve developed. They will have the ability to see things that you can’t, and quite honestly, probably think of something small that they would change or add.

This, my friend, is exactly what you need. This objective party will shed light on what may cause a potential buyer to be hesitant in their purchasing.

After making their observations they will be able to market your product in a way that ensures the consumers have no doubt. Not only will they know your target audience, they will know firsthand what may hold consumers back.

A fair price and your price may not be the same thing

We’ve already established that you’ve devoted time and energy to your product, so when it comes to selling it, you want to be compensated fairly. Let’s be honest though, you want to be compensated more than fairly, you want a profit and you want your hard earned cash. No one blames you for that.

When it comes to actually selling your product though, this could potentially be what stops you from being successful. An outsourced marketer will help you make a profit, but will be far more aware of what numbers are actually feasible in the current market.

Again, this objectivity could be the difference between record-breaking sales and major disappointment. 

Two heads are better than one

Yes, it’s an old cliché, but it’s been said throughout generations for a reason. Someone who doesn’t know you or what to expect from you (and vice versa) can result in groundbreaking ideas. Working with someone new challenges a person and each new personality helps bring out a different side to someone.

Bringing in an outsider to announce the arrival of your product can ensure that you have truly looked at it from all points of view and it will challenge you to think about how to market it in different, more effective ways than you could have alone.

So now you’re considering it, but you’re nervous

What if you hire someone and it turns out you don’t like them or their ideas?

This may surprise you, but this situation would still be a win. If you outsource your work to someone and you end up finding the situation difficult or frustrating, this is the ideal time to take a step back and analyze why. Take a moment to think about your vision and what you want, and then compare it to what the professional is saying.

Why don’t they line up? Are you missing out on something because you aren’t being flexible enough? What are they asking you to do that you don’t want to?

Whatever action they are recommending, it has been suggested for a reason. Even if in the end you decide to work with someone else, or give up on that altogether; you can re-evaluate your strategy based on the given feedback and reflection.

Don’t let your fear hold you back

I realize that asking you to allow someone on the outside to sell your product is a big ask.

You may see it as a giant risk, but you wouldn’t be developing your own products if you weren’t a risk taker, would you?

I urge you to take the leap and allow someone new into your process. Some of history’s greatest successes have come from stepping out of a comfort zone.

A fresh new perspective and an objective point of view could be exactly what you need to have record-breaking sales.