Optimizing Your Content for Higher Conversion Rates

November 6, 2018 Dennis 0 Comments

Are you looking to increase or improve your online sales? What online business owner wouldn’t want to do so, right? Well, you might be walking on some fine lines, if you are not taking the right steps to get these results. Optimizing your content is the first place to begin.

For one, content optimization is important to better search engine ranking. In other words, the search engine will reward you for fresh and valuable content. So, if your sales copy is not increasing your conversion rate, you need to assess your home page as well as your blog.

The Objective

You will ultimately increase your conversion rate by optimizing your landing pages, PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and your website design. The goal should be to get more traffic to your website in order to convert those visitors as customers. Conversion rate optimization CRO) has become widely popular as it is viewed as a method of increasing your sales profits while reducing your advertising costs.

If your objective is to increase sales by fifty percent, for example, you have to seriously consider how you are going to approach this. If you are already receiving a two percent conversion rate, then an additional one percent is already a fifty percent improvement. Increasing your advertising may not be the immediate answer. Instead, you may enjoy more results from keyword-specific content. Sometimes, all it takes is a little tweak to your content to significantly improve your conversion rate.

Producing Content

To increase your conversion rate, it is crucial that your sales copy sells the prospects. If you are unable to do this yourself, you may want to hire a copywriter or editor. However, the person has to be able to imitate your particular tone as if you are the writer of the content. Keywords are also a significant aspect of improving conversion rates.

It allows the prospect to find your website using specific ‘search terms,’ which you should have in your sales copy. Therefore, keyword research should be performed prior to creating the sales copy. Once the appropriate keywords are selected, it is time to write the sales copy. Try not to stuff the content with too many keywords or the search engine will penalize you for it. Make sure that your sales copy flows while injecting keywords where appropriate.

Beta Testing

For higher conversion rates, it may mean that you have to test, test, and test some more, until you get it right. Let’s take a closer look at what this means. Split testing or A/B testing is a method used by many online marketers to increase the conversion rate of their websites.

For example, let’s say you have two potential headlines for your website and you cannot decide on which one to use, you could run an ad campaign using both headlines to see which one of them gets more traction.

You could also go a step further and create two versions of your webpage, each having different headlines. Half of your incoming traffic will go to one page and the other half will end up on the other page. You will ensure that both pages give the visitors a call to action. Each webpage will have a different result of how many people have taken action. From this result, you will know which webpage did the best.

Other Testing

In addition to the headline and the two WebPages, you can also test:

  • The product or service
  • The offer
  • Page layout
  • Navigation
  • The wording for the call to action
  • Adding video to communicate significant points (in many cases, people will take action upon seeing a video)

Converting Prospects

It is important not to make your sales copy too aggressive. In many cases, you may jeopardize your conversion rate by asking the visitor to buy a product or service. Wait – that may be too fast since people may just want to browse first, until they are comfortable with making the purchase. Don’t oversell to your prospective customers either or they will be turned off and go elsewhere.

You can show confidence in your content without being arrogant and still get your prospects to act. How is this done? Well, a call to action is essential to converting prospects. Your CTA or call to action has to be included in several instances throughout the content, without being overwhelming.

A Call to Action

The call to action does not have to reference a product. Instead, you can have the visitor directed to a social media page to engage in posting a comment or to be added as a follower. For this reason, in the call to action, you have to be specific as to what action you want the visitors to take. Depending on the action taken, you may be able to continue to stay in touch with the prospect, putting your brand in front of them, at several different turns as you try to offer value.

The Recommendation

It is suggested that you try to keep visitors interested and engaged once they land on your home page or product page. Don’t give any excuse for visitors to leave such as:

  • Slow loading webpage
  • Invaluable content
  • Aggressive sales copy
  • Content that they are not looking for

Tips to Consider

You should have a dynamic headline, which should include the main keyword. To make your web page user-friendly, you should limit images and include bullet lists to break up the text, making it easier for the visitor to read.

Value Proposition

It is important that your prospects feel as if they are going to benefit from your offer. The customer’s question, in all cases is what is in it for them or why they should purchase from your website. For this reason, you should explain to the visitors why this is the case. You should differentiate your offer from that of your competition.

What exactly is unique to your product, services or company? While you may have a strong value proposition, you would communicate it effectively to your visitors in order to achieve the best results. You should be able to articulate your value proposition so that you can convey it to the customer in one exclusive and believable sentence.


As you continue to improve your business, you have to also continue to improve the value of your content or sales copy. Therefore, you should update your website regularly, making sure it is always SEO optimized. In so doing, you will reap the rewards of a higher conversion rate.