5-Tier Link Chain to Boost Topical Relevance

Imagine this, a link chain of five guest posts to boost your page for just that one competitive keyword that didn’t make it to page one!

Not just any chain, a chain with 5 powerhouses of websites with domain ratings of 70+ and 50,000+ organic visitors per month.

This is exactly what we offer you for only $69.

Yes, that includes five unique high-quality articles generated by ChatGPT4.0+.

The websites we use for this are just as impressive:

  1. TechBullion.com (DR 77 – 78,100+ visitors/mo)
  2. HR.com (DR 78 – 120,100+ visitors/mo)
  3. ActiveRain.com (DR 80 – 54,500+ visitors/mo)
  4. TimeBusinessNews.com (DR 71 – 51,200+ visitors/mo)
  5. BeforeItsNews.com (DR 76 – 305,300+ visitors/mo)

Our standard package for $69 puts the immense powerhouse BeforeItsNews as the site that links to your page.

A chain that goes like: TimeBusinessNews -> TechBullion -> HR -> ActiveRain -> BeforeItsNews -> Your page/URL.

You can use this to boost up guest posts or niche edits or send it directly to your main site to help rank your toughest keywords.

Customization now available:

I hear you thinking.

Wouldn’t this leave a footprint if done over and over?

Yes, it would.

Hence we just finished our customization options.

You are now able to choose from a list of 44 websites to customize it as much as you want for each single tier.

Simply select from drop-down menus to select the sites of your choice and you can put it any order you want.

On top of that, you can also order smaller chains ranging from two to five tiers, starting from $39 for a 2-tier chain up to $69 for a 5-tier chain.

Can I choose the number of tiers?

Yes, we just expanded the order form so that you can choose from 2, 3, 4 or 5 tiers!!!

Want to boost your link insert without spend too much? Go for our 2-tier plan.

Want to give your guest post a significant boost? Opt for our 3-tier plan.

Want to hit the first page for your stuck keyword? Why not try our 5-tier plan.

All you have to do is register here: https://app.serptrust.io/register/

Are you a new member? Let us know and we’ll add $25 to your balance so that you can try this innovative service for only $14 for the 2-tier chain.

Case studies coming soon!