4 Reasons Why You Are Wasting Big Money By Hiring Writers In-House

4 Reasons Why You Are Wasting Big Money By Hiring Writers In-House
May 11, 2017 Dennis 0 Comments

Every good company wants to grow. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that the greater the square footage of your offices and the more employees you have means your profits are growing. In actuality, it doesn’t. It just means your fixed expenses are growing, which, as any accountant will be happy to tell you, isn’t the same thing.

Putting people on staff in an office to complete work is a time-honored method of doing business. However, it’s also an old-fashioned way of doing business. This is especially true in a marketing department. Admittedly, some positions must be handled by those on staff. This would include the decision-makers, such as managers. Other positions, however, such as writing can often be handled quite easily by freelance writers.

When evaluating the writing needs of your in-house marketing department, consider the following four reasons why you are wasting big money by hiring writers in-house:

1. In-House Writers Are Expensive

All employees are an investment. It takes time to find them, train them and indoctrinate them into the nature of the work that they’ll be doing. Then, of course, there are significant costs beyond salaries to consider, such as insurance, paid holidays, personal holidays, vacation, sick days, bereavement days, jury duty days, company parties and events, etc. As every CFO knows, it all adds up.

With freelance writers, all of these expenses go away. Unlike an office with fixed hours of operation, freelance writers are always available to work. This allows a marketing department to easily meet very tight deadlines in a way that’s nearly impossible by relying on in-house writers. Once staff writers reach their limit, writing assignments must be delayed until they can get through their current workload. With a large pool of freelance writers available, a marketing department can turn out an extremely high output of writing in a way that would be inconceivable with the limitations of an in-house writing staff.

When a marketing department slows down at various times in the year, freelance writers aren’t on your payroll. They are only paid when there’s work. Staff writers cost you money, whether they are busy or have little to do. Instead of dreaming up busy work for them when the workload is light, utilize freelance writing and reduce your marketing department’s budget.

2. All Writers Will Burn Out

This is particularly true in a marketing department that must produce large quantities of material that doesn’t vary a great deal from one month to the next. Many in-house writers are essentially required to rewrite a core set of article subjects over and over again. With the extremely range limited range of subjects to write about, in-house writers tend to burn out eventually.

In contrast, working with freelance writers means that you can work with 5 or 10 or 15 writers (or more) to get what you want. Instead of relying completely on one or two in-house writers, you have a wide range of talents out there to deliver your material. If some aren’t delivering exactly what you want, it’s easy to move on to other writers who can.

In addition, you can always be on the lookout for new writers who become available. Often, freelance writers are highly experienced but simply have no interest in working in an office any longer. Or their life requires a versatility that they can’t get working on-site for one employer. Either way, your marketing department can profit from the pool of talented writers that is available.

3. Freelance Writers Bring You Different Viewpoints

In-house writers have one overriding objective in mind­­­­—to remain employed. They won’t be anxious to go out on a limb if it means possible rejection. Over time, they learn exactly what you like, and they will consistently deliver exactly that. However, that is often all they will deliver.

Remember that the last thing they want to do is present you with material outside of your comfort zone. It’s quite possible they have been through this before, and they discovered that the most likely way of having their work accepted is if it’s very, very safe. This was my life for several years at an in-house marketing department. Safe writing was my goal because it meant no disagreements or questioning of my work. Approval of editors and managers became my main goal. I knew it was compromised material, but when you’re inside the bubble like that, it’s difficult to get out of it.

Freelance writers, on the other hand, can breathe new life into the writing companies require. They know nothing of how your office works and they have no preconceived ideas of what certain people in your company want. They are far more likely to present you with fresh and innovative writing.

4. Training In-House Writers Is Time-Consuming & Expensive

When freelance writers come and go, it has little effect on your marketing department. There are always many more experienced writers available. It’s a different story with staff writers. It’s an unavoidable fact that these individuals will leave. In some cases, they weren’t a good fit and they must be terminated. In other situations, they simply burned out and wanted different challenges. Or, they are excellent writers in search of fascinating assignments you don’t have or higher salaries you’re never going to offer.

Regardless of the reasons they leave, replacing them means sifting through countless resumes and hoping you’ll find someone who fits your needs. This may be time you don’t really have to spare. Turnover in marketing departments can be high. Fortunately, freelance writers virtually eliminate these issues.

Think Outside of the Box—Use Freelance Writers

It’s a cliché to say that the internet has changed everything about how companies operate. Yet, not every marketing department is taking notice. More and more smart marketers realize that having a writer in a cubicle isn’t the most profitable or efficient way to work. To truly maximize your writing output and minimize expenses, freelance writing may be your best answer.